Extraordinary Supplier: Irina Couture Designs

In today's blog you not only get to see some beautiful bridal designs, you also get a little glimpse into the absolute love, care and detailed attention that goes into making of the gowns.

I know from finding my own wedding dresses (yes I had two) it can give you that breath taking,heart stopping moment..... When you find "the one" ( or two in my case) and you have that happy, teary, bridal moment, it really is just the most wonderful feeling. Of course much work has gone into that moment,way before you even step into the dress, not least the hours of design and painstaking needle work.

Speaking to Irina she tells me....

I was born in Russia and after completing my degree in fashion at Moscow University, I began working in the film industry creating costumes for a Moscow film studio.A little while later I met, fell in love and married an Englishman and as a result left Moscow behind and moved to England, where in 1995 I started to design and dress British brides from my bridal boutique in Northampton.

Then just last year I moved to Yorkshire with I thought no way of carrying on my bridal label.My love of all things bridal ensured that I just had to continue my couture designs, a few months down the line, I opened my beautiful studio in Kingston upon Hull.

The simple truth is I have to create my beautiful dresses everyday, it is my life, I cannot exist without it.I recently took part in Africa Fashion Week as a showcase designer and I felt right at home.

Each and every single time it is absolutely magical experience for me to dress a bride-to-be. To understand her dreams, to capture her vision, unlock the picture in her minds eye - that is a first step. I then put it all together with my extensive experience in producing unique creations and together we enjoy the journey from the first sketch to the last stitch.

Irina Couture Designs

Regent House

183 Ferensway

Kingston upon Hull


Instagram: @irinacouturedesigns

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irinacouture25

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