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I have to say one of the best confidence boosting experiences I've had, being a woman of a certain age, was most certainly a boudoir shoot. I'd recommend everyone does it to be honest.

I was trying to think of a gift to give to my husband on our wedding day. He doesn't wear a watch or much in the way of jewellery, he's not a big drinker either so those ideas were out, I was a little stumped.

As part of our wedding photography package we had a pre-wedding / engagement shoot included, but we weren't to bothered about having that. I know it's both useful for the photographer and couples, in order that they get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day of course, but as our photographer kind of knew us a little, it wasn't essential. So the idea came to me to have a boudoir shoot instead and have the photo's made into a book as a gift for my hubby.

I may just add here that prior to our wedding I had slipped a disc in my back, so just holding a pose was a challenge, but so worth it. His response was priceless!

So whilst looking for extraordinary suppliers to bring you, I happened upon Yemi King through one of my local business networks and started chatting to her about her work and how she came to be focusing on boudoir photography.

Yemi told me:

I began photography at age 25 after spending my teenage and early adulthood years as a model in New York and London. I decided to step on the other side of the camera and have loved working on both sides of the industry ever since. I am now 42 and a mum of three children. I moved to Nottingham April 2019 and I now work across the East Midlands area.

Having been a photographer for so many years and I have worked with all types of clients from fashion, commercial,with families and most recently I have been known for my portraits, boudoir and body confidence photography. I am passionate about this area of my work as I myself suffer from a chronic illness and I lost confidence in myself, so I know just how the experience can be so life enhancing, to feel confident and beautiful.

Working with other people in my shoes makes me feel like I am helping others, unlocking what's there inside of them all along. I love my job and seeing people happier in their own skin. The photography has progressed a little into providing a way for people to lose their inhibitions in a safe environment and see themselves in a different light! I hold these sessions to not just give sensual confidence but to promote feeling sexy, having fun and feeling amazing.

Whatever shape, size, or age I help people to experience something spectacular that they will remember for a lifetime!

Yemi King (9 of 1)editab

For more details about Yemi's work :


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boudoir_yemi_king_photo/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yemikingphotography/

Email: boudoir@yemiking.com

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