Extraordinary Supplier: Sofya Bridal

When looking for extraordinary suppliers to bring you on the blog, it's lovely to find such passionate, creative small businesses that are out there, that can be showcased for their love and devotion to their work. A friend of mine bought my attention to today's featured supplier, the lovely Ann Pendlebury, a mumprenuer from Rugby, Warwickshire, who has a range of niche businesses under the umbrella of SofyaHQ.

Ann tells me: "I am a 30 something, forever optimistic, refusing to settle for less than my happiest, always moving forward woman. I am also a mum to a wonderful little girl, called Sofya.

I started my business nearly 2 years ago and as much as this is for myself it is also for my daughter. So my business name is SofyaHQ and all the branches have a different combination of Sofya name in them.

Sofya Bridal- our hats and headpieces bespoke service, Sofya Events- our events for women, Sofya Style- our magazine for women, Sofya & I- our online and soon to be in store fashion boutique.

My whole business is about women and young women, I work with amazing writers for Sofya Style and their knowledge and stories inspire many. Our events during 2017 have been a great success and we have also raised some pennies for the Breast Cancer charities. We try to inspire women but also young women, so in 2019 we are launching Mother and Daughter events to explore fashion, makeup, skincare and many other various topics like social media influences.

Sofya & I fashion boutique will be our head office and we will offer all the usual beautiful fashions for special occasions and day time, but it will also be a ‘sanctuary’ for self-belief and confidence building for women and a little into the future for young girls too. We will offer styling advice from our image consultants, Bespoke designs by Sofya Bridal and carry out Sofya Events from our store.

I have recently decided ‘to jump’ into my business full time and as much as it is a little scary, I am also extremely excited. I love what I do and I think the most satisfying things is that I am discovering my strengths and what I am good at in life. I found that for so many years I have been in a job I ‘just did’ and got paid for it. Now, I have a nervousness of cash flow but I love what I do every day and when things go well, I find myself doing a little dance of happiness, some times on the inside but some days I get so giddy, I dance for real 😊

Another reason I love what I do is I feel I am a much ‘happier mummy’ to Sofya. I love when she comes with me and enjoys the events or fashion shows we go to. My ‘new job’ also lets her learn and see what I do and I hope it shows her what you can achieve if you work hard and believe in yourself".

As you can  clearly see, Ann is passionate about her businesses, and empowering others through what she is creating. I love to feature such wonderful suppliers, to me the blog covers so much more that the products and designs they produce, hopefully it gives you an insight into their passion for what they do and why they do it.

There's something very special about the connection that can be made with independent business owners when planning your big day. It's the reason I do my best to share the background of each one I feature, so you can get to know them a little better.  Personally I find there's a little bit of love and a piece of them that goes into everything they do ......... I certainly feel this is true of Ann!

Website: www.sofyahq.co.uk and www.sofyaandi.co.uk Email: hello@sofyahq.co.uk

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