Extraordinary Real Wedding: Rebecca and Chris's classic and spectacular day.

When I read about Rebecca's wedding dress hiccup on a facebook wedding group, I really felt for her. The run up to a wedding can be a tense time, with much to arrange and organise. Imagine if at the eleventh hour your dress was ruined beyond repair?I don't know about you, I'd be a little unsettled to say the least... and I'm a pretty calm person. This isn't however a chapter from "Nightmare weddings", quite the contrary! This is a beautiful wedding with the most fabulous customer service story entwined within it. Which just goes to prove,through the kindness of people, it's always "Alright on the night" or the day in this case.

Speaking with Rebecca she tells me:

"Chris and I met 6 years ago at a BBQ when he was in the army and based in Catterick .

He's 4 years younger than I am, but I'd say he's definitely looks the oldest (Ha ha).

We got engaged in May 2015 when he returned from 3 moths in Kenya and I fell Pregnant with our daughter, Annie, now 2 soon after. We decided to book the wedding in 2017 and he pretty much left everything up to me. He only saw the venue 4 weeks before the wedding!

My mum planned the whole day with me. I booked to view Haigh hall because I needed ideas of cost,but I was adamant I wasn't going to get married there as I had been years previous and although it had some Beautiful Features it was very dated.

I contacted them and went with my mum to look around and I was literally blown away!

The venue had been sold to a private company who had spent ten million pounds on renovation of the property also adding 30 bedrooms. It was stunning and I could picture our wedding there no problem. We viewed another 4or 5 venues, but they were all magnolia walls and plain carpets. The complete opposite to Haigh hall. Nothing compared and so I decided to book there.

I was pretty much set for the wedding and decided to collect my dress 6 days before the wedding to take back to the bridal shop to have it steamed, the following day the bridal shop phoned to say there was an issue with the dress and advised me to return it to the alterations lady to have it fixed. She wouldn't accept responsibility for it but agreed to 'fix' it. The following day, Sunday, I again collected my dress and took it back to the bridal shop, I tried it on and this was when we realised the dress was ruined beyond repair.

They called in their own seamstress who came in on a Sunday, but sadly she felt she was unable to repair the dress and so the shop offered for us to purchase the sample of my dress and they offered to do all the alterations. The bridal shop literally saved my wedding day, I can never thank them enough, they stayed with me for three hours on a Sunday afternoon and fixed a problem created by someone else.

Lilac is one of my favourite colours and after shopping around on line and in some shops I decided to look in a bridal shop in Astley called "One special day", the dresses were over my budget in truth, but the colour was perfect, the style was very elegant and the quality was lovely, so I decided these were the ones and we purchased 6 for each of my bridesmaids.

I the florist met at Haigh hall on an open day and booked her on the spot. The work she did was amazing, really had the wow factor and she made the venue even more spectacular.

We also had an undercover waiter who was amazing and really got the party started. A caricature whom everyone loved. My son who's 11 and my brother who's 20 did a surprise dance and we also surprised my 11 year old son by changing his name to double barrel Simpson (with the permission of his dad)."

A mention for the suppliers:

Venue - Haigh hall

Florist - Kelly Louise floral artistry

Makeup-Face by Megan Gleeson

Hair- Hair by Chelseauk

Videographer- Creative Camera

Wedding dress - Bride2be

Bridesmaid dresses- One special day

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