Extraordinary Supplier : Ender Legard

Often I see brides in social media groups asking about underwear for their big day. Many having difficulty finding backless support, especially for those of us with ample bosom!

I was just the same. My own evening wedding dress was an illusion back, and I've never been able to wear a backless dress as my bust size meant going bra-less or using anything stick on simply wasn't going to cut the mustard so to speak.

So I set out on a quest to find something that would be comfortable, supportive and pretty. Quite a tall order to be honest. I did find some backless bodies from online retailers, but they didn't supply anywhere near my cup size and they were practical in design, not really what could be classed as beautiful lingerie.

I then stumbled across the most stunning range of lingerie from Ender Legard, based in London. On contacting them about sizing I was delighted to deal with the designer herself Asia Smaga. She couldn't have been more helpful, and friendly, so much so we've now become connected through social media as friends!

Getting to know Asia, I can tell you her range is a true labour of love. Her garments are truly exquisite, with stunning lace and beautiful attention to detail. On receiving my own garment , it was packaged with such care , a beautiful embossed box, tissue wrapped and just like you see in the old movies. It felt a very special purchase. Not only did it provide wonderful support on my big day, it's meant that I have been able to wear backless dresses ever since, which for me is just fabulous.

Talking to Asia she tells me:

"Firstly I guess I like to think of myself as a problem solver!

Starting my business all happened by chance really. I had been working for a London costume company, at the time making costumes for big budget Hollywood blockbusters like original Tomb Raider, Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, etc, and although I loved it, really thought that I needed a fresh start.

So I packed in my job and together with my partner, flew to NYC and took a train across America!

I loved the freedom of travel and thought that if I had my own company I could have that freedom…. Of course in reality it’s not really that easy!

I had picked up some really interesting skills whilst working in costume, but it took some time (and a bit of luck) to turn those skills into a business with products people would be willing to pay money for.

These days, the thing I love the most about what I do is when customers tell me how one of my designs – be it a backless bodysuit or corset – saved their wedding or helped them wear the dress of their dreams. Knowing that something I designed made a difference to someone on such an important day, is special and makes all the hard work worthwhile."

Asia's hard work and talent has truly paid off, with rave reviews from around the globe. Ender Legard has appeared in glossy magazines and under some pretty high profile celebrity garments too.

To find out more:


Telephone: 0737 691 4195 // Asia@enderlegard.com // www.ENDERLEGARD.com

Twitter: @enderlegard // Facebook.com/enderlegard // Instagram: @ender_legard

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