Extraordinary Supplier: Jason Lynch Wedding Cinema

I often read facebook threads from brides and grooms, wondering if to have a video of their wedding, really questioning if they should splash out the budget to record the day,if they already have a photographer.

I always reply to such questions, with a YES,YES,YES... without any doubt yes!

Video captures something quite magical that is very different to photography. Firstly it captures all of the little things that you miss, a photograph captures a moment and for me is an essential part of recording special moments from your big day, a video on the other hand, records a series of memories that cannot possibly be captured in a photograph.

Imagine in years to come when you can look back and hear the words of loved ones, those precious smiles and laughter. There will come a day when those people are no longer with us, when children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren come along and they too will be able to watch that special day back. ( technology allowing of course). There's something truly important in recording this legacy of memories for years to come.

With this in mind I was on the look out for great videographers to interview for the blog. (our own fabulous videographer was a friend who recorded the day for us as a favour, as she actually works as an Associate Producer at Nickelodeon, so sadly isn't available for other weddings )

As synchronicity would have it, a friend of mine, Jennifer Lynch ( spiritual author, therapist and radio host) mentioned that her son was a wedding videographer, and unbeknown to me actually lives locally!

Speaking to Jason, he tells me:

I'm based in Nottingham where I studied film at Nottingham Trent University. I'm absolutely passionate about creating cinematic style wedding films. I love capturing new shots, testing out new equipment and being creative.

There is a great deal of care and consideration in the developmental process when editing film. I feel the business has a consistent attention to detail, considering the needs of our clients and their personality.

We are specialists in providing wedding videos in and around the Nottingham area. We pride ourselves in offering a personal and professional wedding video service, capturing the magic for you to enjoy time and again.

Whether you require just the ceremony to be covered or all day filming with two cameras,we can create a wedding video package tailored to your needs. All our videography packages include a pre wedding consultation to discuss all the details prior to the date such as desired shots, styles and a schedule of the day.

Here's just a sample of Jason's work:

Contact details:







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