Extraordinary Real Wedding: Felicity & David's Nautical, Steampunk Day.

I just loved writing about this stunning real wedding, I mean how much more unusual can you get than a nautical, steampunk wedding? Including a real life ship no less, in the form of most amazing venue, aboard the SS Great Britain. This certainly hit the mark on my desire to bring you the most extraordinary weddings and my self confessed need for the quirky and step away from the norm.

Talking to Felicity I discover that herself and David first met at the tender age of 13-14....

"At the Age of 13-14 we met in school, as friends in the same group. After finishing year 11 David started college to complete a course in mechanics, and I commenced sixth form to gain my A-levels; the group broke up, as our separate paths took us on different routes.

It was in year 13 that the group re-formed, and it was then, on an impromptu night out that a spark ignited between us. Shortly after this we made our relationship official, and it developed from there. 11 years later, here we are. Despite ups and downs we have remained strong. I often say, that I wish my heart were bigger so that I could love him more."

David – chilled out, mechanic and what I would call a “good egg”.

Felicity – Operating department practitioner, also chilled out, and creative, with a bit of a bonkers streak.

Felicity: "My late father was an engineer, and worked at sea on various boats and ships. This Venue was something that he would have loved, and we felt that by getting married at this unique venue, it would not only suit us, but it would make me feel closer to him on the most important day of my adult life! David was also sold as soon as we saw the photos of the venue, he also thought it would be a wonderful sentiment to encompass my dad in some way, the initial visit sealed the deal... wow!! What a stunner of a venue".

David: "The venue was just fantastic, and won us both over straight away, we could not have asked for a better place to tie the knot. I was just so remarkable, and to be part of this ships history is just wonderful".


In a day and age where pastel and very vibrant, pretty colours dominate most wedding pallets; we wanted something a little different, as these colours are not very ‘us’. We chose black/brown and gold for their boldness, and impact. These are not colours often seen at weddings, and we thought it would make a lovely change, and also compliment the venue.


Felicity: "I have always had an interesting, quirky and different taste/outlook in pretty much everything. Period style, with the added uniqueness of steampunk has been an interest of mine for years, it is so different and quirky. It is with this interest that the steampunk inspired theme was chosen, and the attire made/ purchased.

My Interest in arts and crafts inspired me to make as much as a I could, from wedding stationary, to place names, hair pieces for myself and bridesmaids (period/steampunk inspired of course), jewellery (inspired), bouquets and centre pieces and ladies candle wedding favours. Having all of these handmade elements made the whole experience much more personal, and the finishing touches were noticed and admired by all who attended. David found himself being part of the crafting action too, and found it satisfying seeing something develop into a finished article".

David: "I am not overly creative, and the thought of making so much was daunting, but I knew the result would be fantastic. Myself and Flick (Felicity’s abbreviated name) would sit down and make all manner of things, and I have to admit I did enjoy it. Flick has so many ideas, and some can seem to be off the walls, and quite out there; but once they are finished they are lovely. This is what makes her who she is".

Suppliers and their links:

Following can be found on facebook:

Naomi Barnes – custom waistcoat

Angela Mason – wedding cake

The Makeup Maven MUA – Make up artist.

Web site suppliers:

Bonziebridal – bridal shoulder ruffle www.etsy.com/uk/shop/bonziebridal

Rebecca Brain Photography – photography www.rebeccabrain.com

Bridal lane – alexia wedding dress www.bridal-lane.co.uk

Catering company and evening DJ booked through venue

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