Extraordinary Supplier : Orxideyka Studio - creating not just jewellery, but happiness!

I've found you another beautiful supplier... all the way from the Ukraine no less. A studio , creating not just jewellery, but happiness, in the words of this talented mother and daughter duo.

Their intricate work including both floral and berry designs are so detailed, it really does take a moment to take it all in. Attention is given to every little leaf, flower and bead , to create the most magical works of art.

Tatiana tells me:

"myself and my mum ,Victoria are owners of a pretty online-shop on Etsy. Victoria Syvokin ( My mum) is the designer and artist in the team, she's simply in love with the whole world. Inspiring her to create from the beauty she sees around her.She creates amazing handmade jewellery with flowers that could almost come alive when you see them.

I'm the photographer and I also sketch designs, I run our Etsy shop but my mum is always happy to answer any questions from our customers about her designs and the jewellery pieces. We create not just a jewellery, but happiness!

It's true.... flower happiness that you can try on, wear and share it with the whole world!

Victoria tells me :

"I put whole my heart and soul into my creations and never make jewellery without inspiration. Each piece is unique and filled with love.

It all started from simple pair of earrings with cherries for my daughter... After I making them I was inspired to create more of my ideas, not only with berries, but also with flowers and to match different mood, seasons, occasions...

I had so many ideas and started to create so many different designs, I couldn't wear all them myself , so I decided to share my creations with the whole World.

And.. It’s working!

I’ve fallen in love with my business over the past 5 wonderful years and get true enjoy from the whole process of designing, creating and selling the pieces to people all over the globe, who give me the most wonderful feedback.

My daughter tells me that my jewellery makes people happy and lucky and I , do you know what? I believe she's right!"

Tatiana says:

"I'm just in love with my mum’s creations . I love photography and painting. I'm always happy to design pictures for our shop or make beautiful photos of jewellery . I absolutely love our business and really thankful to my mum for this opportunity to work together.

Exclusive handmade flower jewellery handmade with love.

We create not just jewelry, but happiness!

We help you to bring your ideas and dreams to life in the most wonderful jewellery. We do our best to give you a finished product that you will fall in love with at the first sight .

We want our jewellery to enhance your natural beauty , making your eyes sparkle with delight and give you the biggest smile on your face.

Every flower petal, every leaf of jewelry is made by hand, so every piece is absolutely unique, created specially for its future owner .

For more details of these beautiful designs please visit:

www.facebook.com/syvokintatiana www.facebook.com/orxideykastudio www.orxideykastudio.etsy.com www.pinterest.com/21tsmay milkseagull@gmail.com

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