Extraordinary Supplier: Kiss those wedding nerves goodbye

Being a therapist myself, when Duncan Price said he would be interested in being featured on the blog I was absolutely delighted.As a therapist, Duncan specialises in wedding confidence. I believe Duncan has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to one of the key concerns couples have when planning their big day.

I've read numerous posts on social media from brides saying how nervous they are, how they can't bare the thought of being centre of attention and how many grooms refuse to give a speech, as they are simply terrified of speaking in public.

So when I connected with Duncan, I couldn't wait to share his story and his desire to help couples to have the best day of their life, helping them to kiss the nerves goodbye!

Duncan tells me:

"I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and the power of mindset. This is partly what

sparked my interest in drama and theatre, which I found was great for boosting my own confidence when I was younger. My interest in theatre grew from performing to enjoying the technical elements (why wouldn’t I enjoy playing with pretty flashing lights!?). Being involved in setting up and using all of

the lighting and sound equipment resulted in working on weekends as a wedding DJ alongside

my other work. I love weddings and as a DJ I was able to be involved, whilst also being able to stand back and read the crowd to best adapt my set/playlist to suit the mood on the day and enjoy watching

people at their happiest, and often their drunkest.

Around 12 years ago I met a hypnotherapist. I have to admit I was skeptical at the time, having only seen hypnosis portrayed in film and on t.v and of course I had come across stage hypnotists, the type that get people clucking like chickens and eating onions as though they're apples!

I guess I had the same misconceptions as many people, as to what hypnosis actually was .

This hypnotherapist was different from those preconceived ideas and seemed to really know what he was talking about , this sparked my interest. I went away and researched hypnosis further. Deciding that I wanted to learn more, I spoke to him further and booked a self-hypnosis course with him.

I remember thinking “wow, what a great job this guy has. Spending his time empowering people to change their lives” so I began studying hypnotherapy myself and also discovered the power of *N.L.P.

I started my business because I want to spend my time helping other people to empower

themselves and to make positive changes in their lives.

I have helped a lot of people with confidence, anxiety and stress management. This led me

to realise there was a opportunity to support people in the lead up to their wedding.

Planning and holding a wedding has become known as one of the most stressful life events, but I believe it should be one of the most enjoyable. That’s why I created Wedding Confidence Workshops, it’s a fun 3 hours full of tips and techniques for enjoying a calmer, more confident wedding day and I love that my job involves empowering people to make their special day even more special."

What a truly great idea!

There must be so many couples who are dreading parts of what should be the happiest, most joyful day of their lives. If you're worried about the nerves kicking in on your wedding day and want to feel calm and confident , then why not give Duncan a call?

For more details of Ducan's Workshops visit:




*NLP is ‘Nero-Linguistic Programming’ an explanation of what that means can be found at:


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