Extraordinary Supplier : Did any one call a cab? Meet Betty...

What better way to get you to the church on time than to call a taxi hey?

I know what you're thinking, hailing a black cab on my wedding day wasn't quite what I had in mind!

With this "Knowledge" in mind (sorry couldn't resist) I went on the hunt for something just a little bit different. My hubby is a London lad ( can you still be called a lad at 55?) and a die hard Chelsea fan,

( we even have London wallpaper in our downstairs loo no less) so no surprises that White Taxi Weddings caught my eye whilst on my search for the usual and quirky.

Talking to Andrew he tells me:"I'm the co owner of White Taxi Weddings with my wife Jules. We're both retired and started the company just last April.

The inspiration for starting this business came just over four years ago at our own wedding, when we hired a car for our day, and on seeing the car and driver I thought that it was something I'd love to do. The thought of playing a part in what is perhaps the most special day in a couple's life really made an impression. At the time we were white busily involved as volunteers for a charity, so the option to commit straight away wasn't there. At the beginning of 2016 though, we decided that it was now or never if we were going to do it.

Having made the decision to do it, the next question was how would we do it? To us, there seemed no point in just duplicating what was already available to couples in the region, so we wanted to provide something different. Just being different though, wasn't enough, as there are plenty of wedding cars which count as quirky, but they're not necessarily practical for a Bride in a big dress.

The inspiration for using a London Taxi came from somewhere, we're not sure where exactly, but the more we thought about it, the more ideal it seemed, and it ticked both boxes – different and practical. Having sourced our Taxi, which was one that was compulsorily retired after 15 years of hard work on the streets of London, we then spent time and money making her fit for the Brides and Grooms of the East Midlands. Betty, as we named her, is now painted Old English White, and has burgundy leather seats and matching carpets in the rear cab, which seats five passengers.

On top of having what we hoped was a suitable vehicle, we were able to add our lifetimes of experience of having worked in the service industry, and the combination of the vehicle with a difference, and good old fashioned service, appears to be appreciated if our glowing reviews are anything to go by!

The reality has matched the idea, and we take enormous pleasure from playing our part and getting heartfelt thanks in return."

There's almost a "Herby" type humanness to "Betty". Or I'm reminded of the some how acquired gnome that travels the World and sends back postcards to its original owner.

Maybe we could start a "Spot Betty" thread ? Well if you're in East Midlands, keep an eye out for this showstopping mode of transport as she lovingly delivers her brides to church on time!

For more details of how Betty can play a part in your big day visit:


Andy Poole

White Taxi Weddings

07967 391387

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