Extraordinary Supplier : Melancholy Magpie

What do I a 24 year old woman have in common with a well know garden bird the Magpie?

Well the love of all things glitzy of course!

I have been known to miss out in conversation when dazzled by a beautiful glimmer in a shop window. (Much to my partner's annoyance) But what can I say if it catches my eye, it deserves my attention.

When it comes to Magpies they say it’s one for sorrow, two for joy and writing this article on the beautiful designs of Victoria Huntly is the latter!

If like myself you can’t imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a tiara taken from the front pages of a childhood magazine and instead desire a hair piece as individual as the person beneath it, then look no further than The Melancholy Magpie. A gorgeous selection of hair slides, tiaras, headbands, Diadem’s and hair jewellery. With an air of Princess meets elf kind, or steampunk alongside wizards, there is no limit to the designs of this creative Magpie.

When I first saw Victoria’s designs, I was blown away by the intricacy of her work, my eye delved in and out of her images, finding hidden gems and symbols throughout her designs. I found that upon every glance, a new story unfolds. From lace butterflies; beautifully fluttering through pearl flowers, to diamante skulls peering through copper trees. I myself was drawn to her selection of her original designs and fell in love with an individual piece (as hard as it was as all the items had my eyes lighting up!)

A piece called the Sansa, without reading the description my first thoughts were that of the Elvish beauty Arwen in Lord of the rings.For me it stimulates images of an autumnal wedding, with warming copper leaves twisting around pearl and diamond flowers,this stunning piece is all beautifully connected with gold wiring. A wistful playful head piece that if you’re like me and have bold, wild curly red hair would beautifully entwine to make a gorgeous, organic ethereal look to a crisp Autumn wedding day.

Victoria’s talent does not begin and end in head and hair wear, she also creates timeless bouquets which will never deplete over the years. A myriad of gems, pearls, metals, laces and objects such as pocket watches and broaches, each telling a story of their own. Mix these together to create the most delectable, unusual accessories to carry down the aisle with you on your special day.

An item which can be customised with belongings from the couple’s lives, memories, families and friends. How better to remember your day than to have a forever momentum to display throughout your new lives together.

I had to find out more about the designs and their makers story. Speaking with Victoria on how she got into the industry she said “I have a degree in costume design for stage and film and was lucky enough to walk straight into a job in London upon graduation, working in Sloane Square for a fashion designer. I have always been creative and the arrival of my two children gave me the opportunity to stay at home and develop my own range and business. My business has thrived and gone from strength to strength since its conception in 2009.”

My business was originally The Tiara Boutique, but this was a name created in haste when I didn’t think my business would take off. However, in 2015 a re-brand demanded a more appropriately representative and original name. Therefore after much head scratching Melancholy Magpie was born. My business name is purely descriptive as in I am often sad to see my items go off to the bride as I want to keep them all to myself!

Speaking with Victoria it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t a designer who was creating works to comply with the opinions of the fashion magazines, but instead was based on a love of creating pieces to represent the wearer and that their wants and needs were of upmost importance Victoria went on to say “I am a perfectionist to the point of mild insanity and pride myself on being ‘anti-mainstream. I don’t cater to shops, nor subscribe to what the wedding industry considers to be fashionable. I am a strong advocate of self fulfillment. I see no point in being self employed and not enjoying your work by churning out the same pieces time and time again so I encourage each of my bride to customize their pieces.

Making my first million is not a priority for me, but offering a high quality bespoke products with a helpful and accommodating attitude. If the bride is happy then I am happy – it really is that simple. I am all about helping the brides personality shine through her custom pieces. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a bride who cherishes the items I make for her. When they message me detailing how they loved the little details that most cant see, that warms my heart that my hard work is appreciated. “

Looking through the images of past pieces its no surprise that her work has quickly become a success, with many brides wanting her sparkle on their important day Victoria explained “ I am a stay at home mum working from a small studio in our sleepy little road, having evicted my long suffering husband from his ‘man cave’. The vast majority of my brides don’t live close enough to collect so my business is essentially on-line.

I cater for approximately 250 brides a year and I love the diverse nature of the items that are commissioned. I have worked hard to establish a non-mainstream statement piece portfolio. The bespoke orders I receive are challenging and diverse and I still get excited when a bride outlines her vision to me! I am extremely lucky to have brides that are happy to let me have full reign, develop their vision and really trust me to produce something different and beautiful in my own individual style."

So, if like myself you are looking for that Magpies glint within the world of twiggy nests, then have a delve into the Melancholy Magpie and see what your imagination can create.

To see more images and to get in contact with Victoria please have a look on her website and social media.

Website: www.melancholymagpie.com

Email: info@melancholymagpie.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTiaraBoutique/

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