Extraordinary Designer: Sparklez Bridal & Occasion Shoes by Zoe

Since our wedding in June ( and for the 18months beforehand) I've been a big fan of all things bridal and wedding... hence I started this very blog , to inspire others and allow for my own creative flow.

I've loved every moment of finding fabulous suppliers and being involved in the planning of something so magical. Of course every bride needs to feel a million dollars ( as do grooms of course)and part of that whole ensemble is the shoes she wears.

"A woman carries her clothes, but it the shoes that carry the woman" Christian Louboutin

Any one who knows me will know a have a bit of a thing for shoes. It's certainly my weakness!( as my husband will testify) I have the most beautiful collection.... many of which include my other love..... for all things sparkly.

You can guess my absolute delight when I found my wedding shoes (In truth I had two pairs, to go with my two dresses .... I mean what's a girl to do?)

I feel truly blessed to have found the most amazing designer, Zoe, who in a complete change of career, found she had a talent for handcrafting the most exquisite shoes and bags . Her work is beautiful , she also designed and made me my fabulous hen party shoes ( as you may have seen in a previous blog post).

Getting to know Zoe a little more, we struck up a friendship, albeit a long distance one as she's at the other end of the country from me. I decided to go visit her and see if we could bring more of her work to the World so to speak. Zoe will be the first to say she loves making the designs, but wanted someone else to show them to the World. Zoe wanted her work to take the limelight not herself ...... And so it begins.... Of course I already have two businesses, but I wanted the World to see this lovely lady's creations, so I just had to find a way.

So, Sparklez Bridal & Occasion Shoes by Zoe is born. It's very early days and Zoe is working on the most amazing new designs for me to bring to you. I'm working on a website, but in the meantime orders are welcome through the facebook page. Do pop by and take a look , I'm planning a photo shoot to get some fabulous images and do these stunning shoes justice. You certainly won't want to miss these one off designs fit for a princess.

"Two words for anyone who thinks shoes aren't important -Cinderella & Dorothy". Jane Lee Logan.

Sparklez can be made in any size and heel height. No two pairs are exactly the same and bags can also be made to complement them.

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