Extraordinary Supplier: Sweetlake Cakes

When I say we scour the globe to find the unique, unusual and the extraordinary, our next supplier feature just goes to prove that. Based in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Sweetlake Cakes is the dream child of Tamara Woutersen, a mum of three teenagers and home baker.

Tamara tells me she loves, Metal music, Gothic and Steampunk clothing, although she doesn't wear it herself. This has certainly influenced her cake decorating style, leading to the most stunning array of alternative cake designs.

Tamara lists cake decorating as one of her hobby's , if ever you needed proof that if you want to go into business... simply do something you love, this would be it.

Tamara also tells me " When I'm not making cakes I love reading, going to concerts and scuba diving!" One busy lady I'd say.

She says " I used to make cakes for my children's birthdays . One time I was looking around in a cake supply shop, for my daughter's up coming birthday, close to where I live and saw some amazing jewel molds . I totally fell in love and my first Gothic cake was born. Ever since then I've been hooked on Gothic and Steampunk cake design. I took the plunge, opened my business ( I work from home) and set up my website." I can see why she's been inundated with orders ever since.

In addition to her Gothic and Steampunk designs, Tamara also does some beautiful themed designs ranging from Harry Potter to Japanese blossom.All with intricate detail and a unique and quirky edge.

For more details of Tamara's amazing work visit: www.sweetlakecakes.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SweetlakeCakes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sweetlakecakes/

Email: tamara@sweetlakecakes.nl

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