Extraordinary Supplier: Forget-me-not from Maia and the Wildflower

I often see couples looking for a way to incorporate their loved one's that they've sadly lost into their big day. It's such a poignant topic, the desire to somehow include them in their celebration.

With this in mind I set about looking for ways that this could be achieved, in both a beautiful and meaningful way. I discovered the amazing work of Jane Lenahan. Jane is sole owner and maker at Maia and the Wildflower.

Jane explains " I make jewellery with resin, flowers and sometimes a bit of sparkle. I started my business in June this year. It had been a goal of mine for a good few years.

My little girl (Maia) would pick me flowers every morning when we left the house, I started to keep them pressed inside a book and began looking into jewellery made from flowers. It took me quite a while to build up the courage to just go for it. I even bought resin and materials to start, but in all honesty, they simply stayed inside a cupboard collecting dust!"

"At the beginning of this year I decided I was going to start practicing, and I caught the bug pretty fast. Its such a versatile craft, there is no end to what you can set inside resin and it has been great fun learning along the way.

Then in June I officially opened up my shop on Etsy. I now have daisies sent to me in the post from other parents, and it's so nice knowing that I'm able to give fellow mummies a piece of jewellery with flowers picked by their own children, which was my own personal reason for starting this venture.

I can even preserve a sample of your wedding bouquet in a piece of jewellery, as a reminder of your special day.

I'm now a lot more confident with what I make, and have recently started making cremation jewellery, which has been so humbling, to be trusted with a loved ones ashes.

A firm favourite of mine are the Forget me Not pieces that I make. My customers also love them and they work so well for weddings , with them also being a 'something blue' and it gives the opportunity for couples to also remember loved ones who are sadly no longer with them.

I'm looking forward to working on lots of new pieces in the coming months, and all because my little girl gave me flowers"

To find out more about Jane's work please visit:


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