Extraordinary Advice: Why choose a celebrant?

Your wedding ceremony is truly the most important part of your wedding day, and while you can make the reception as unique as you wish, it isn’t quite the same for your ceremony as they must follow rules and

pre-written vows.

Civil ceremonies may not contain any reference to religion and this includes hymns, Bible references and quotes and even songs which may indirectly refer to religion. You can of course, ask for certain words, poems and readings to be included, but you are restricted to where and when they will be included within your ceremony.

Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies allow you to completely personalise your ceremony with whatever words, poems, readings and hymns you wish. I will create a unique ceremony, which is perfectly suited just for you.

This can be held anywhere you choose, licensed or not...in fact some of the nicest settings are usually unlicensed!

I have conducted ceremonies on beaches, in gardens, village greens, woodlands, in favourite restaurants and even on a boat!

I’ve included hand-fasting and jumping the broom, candle ceremonies, sand ceremonies in fact anything that means something to you as a couple can be part of your bespoke ceremony.

All sorts of traditions can be included, and if there is a tradition that I have not heard of, panic not, I will be more than happy to research and include them in your ceremony (if it is possible).

It also makes no difference to a Celebrant, how many times someone has been married or what the circumstances were. Celebrant’s only care about your wedding.

The only slight downside to a Celebrant-led ceremony, is that the legal element to your wedding must be completed in a Registry Office, although it often takes less than 10 minutes. Most couples do this in jeans and t-shirts and they save the dressing up for the wedding ceremony, but there’s no need to worry – your guests will not know any different, unless you tell them!

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed and personalised ceremony, I would highly recommend a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony to make your wedding personal, bespoke and of course extraordinary, creating memories for yourselves and your guests......




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