A Wedding Extraordinary is born.....

Hello there!

Welcome to my brand new blog " A Wedding Extraordinary" a collection of beautiful real life weddings that break the mould.

So why another wedding blog I hear you cry?

As a newly married more mature ( second time around) bride, I found whilst planning our wedding that I simply didn't fit in to the norm.

Firstly I'm well over 40 ( in truth very nearly 50) which made for interesting when attending wedding fairs with my 24 year old daughter or step-daughters ( 23 & 20), there was, each and every time an assumption that I was the mother of the bride ( despite on occasion wearing a sticker from the organisers blatantly stating I was in fact "the bride").

Assumption number two, was that as a second time bride I'd be looking for a small inexpensive wedding (read budget or cheap) and that attention was far better spent on younger brides.

Assumption number three, I like the rest of the bridal world would of course want to follow fashionable trend of wedding décor.... choosing from one of three repeated themes of "Vintage, Shabby chic or Village fete". ( Not that there's anything wrong with any of those themes, they're simply not me)

And finally, that as a more mature bride I wouldn't want all the fuss of a fancy appointment with a bridal boutique. ( Is World class service out of fashion I wonder?)

So "A Wedding Extraordinary" is born! To bring you the unique, the unusual and the extraordinary. To champion great service from suppliers and designers across the country and finally to help brides of all ages feel magical.

After all, as Dr Seuss once said " Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Or As I've been heard to say... "Why be ordinary , when you can be extraordinary!"

Lisa x

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