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When thinking about extraordinary venue's to feature, I noticed a lovely post on Facebook of a venue I know well, In fact it was the backdrop to a boudoir shoot I did as a gift for my husband on our wedding morning.( More about that maybe on another future blog)

I have...

When a friend in the wedding styling business mentioned a new venue she'd had the great pleasure in working with for their recent open house, I just had to find out more. Tempted by a few photos of the event I could tell this venue was going to be just the type of plac...

December 29, 2017

Today's blog is a very special one. Not only is it the most beautiful real wedding, it's also one very close to my heart! I'd like to take you back in time to the 29th December 2014, its was -5 degrees, a hoar frost coated the landscape, crisp snow lay on the ground an...